Onelink by First Alert Environment Monitor




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Onelink by First Alert Environment Monitor helps you ensure a healthy and comfortable environment in your bedrooms or any other part of your house by constantly monitoring air quality, temperature, and humidity with the app on your smartphone.

Once in place, it quickly starts identifying and alerting you to low-level carbon monoxide (CO), which is especially harmful to infants. If it detects extremely dangerous levels of CO the monitor sounds a loud siren. The illuminating LED ring on the monitor will change colour, indicating shifts in temperature.



Identifies and alerts you to low-level carbon monoxide, especially harmful to infants and elderly

A loud siren sounds if extremely dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected

Sends instant notification if carbon monoxide is detected

Delivers instant notification if temperature and humidity aren't at desired preset levels

LED ring indicates immediate shifts in the room environment

Battery backup helps to ensure the monitor is working in the event of a power outage


Did You Notice?

Unlike traditional carbon monoxide alarms, the Onelink Environment Monitor detects low levels of carbon monoxide, which can be especially harmful to infants and the elderly.


What’s in the Box

Onelink by First Alert Environment Monitor

Power adapter

CR2 battery

User manual

Tech Specs

Other Features: HomeKit Compatible, Wireless

Power Source: AC

Batteries: CR2032 Lithium

Height: 7.62 cm/3 in.

Length: 6.35 cm/2.5 in.

Width: 6.35 cm/2.5 in.

Weight: 99.22 g


Manufacturer Information

Part Number

Mfr. Part Number: GLOCO-500

UPC or EAN No.: 029054015235



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Warranty: 10 years