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Our Commitments To You


Buyer Consultation

A free one on one consultation session to get to learn about each other. 

Buyer Agency Alternatives

There are a few types of agency representations available. We will discuss more about this so you are aware of all your options.

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Buyer Representation Agreement

It's now mandatory by law for both parties to sign this agreement. It has many benefits, including the protection of your interests. It describes our responsibility to maximize your interest and get the value on the property. We will discuss more about it.

Home Warranty

We will guide you through home warranty options to lower your risk of potential costs for unforeseeable repairs.

Home Buying Process

We will walk you through the process, step by step, so you are fully informed about what is happening.

To learn more about buying a house, read this.

Financial Pre-qualification

We will arrange a pre-approval appointment with a reputable lender to identify your buying power.

Estimate of Funds Allocation

We will provide you with an estimate of closing costs and down payment available for the purchase.

Home Search

We will present you with private listings, new listings, and existing listings that meets the features you are looking for..

Property Viewing

Getting you to experience them in real life helps you with the decision making. We can then shortlist down which one(s) we will put an offer.


We will thoroughly review with you any seller's written disclosure statement to enable you to accept or specify the remedy for each fault disclosed. Remedies for any disclosed faults should be addressed in the offer to purchase.


Inspection is an important part of the buying process that uncovers hidden or potential risks. It is recommended to have an inspection conducted by a professional. We will offer a list of inspection professionals for the region where the property of interest is located to help lower your cost.


We will review together inspection reports and other documents on the property, and discuss about defects known to us.


We will recommend items for remediation to you after you review the inspection reports and request in the offer that the seller remedy the items you specify.


Purchase of the real estate is contingent upon the price being at or below a fair market value determined by an appraisal. Lenders will often not lend more than a certain percentage of the appraised value, so a contingency may be useful for a buyer in a balanced or seller's market. We will discuss our strategies and contract conditions to mitigate this risk.

Offer Planning

We will prepare a written offer, recommend and formulate terms and conditions based on your requests. You are the decision maker here. We will help you execute and take actions to get the best deal for you, on the property you truly love.

Negotiation Strategy

This is one of the most important part of the process. We're effective negotiators who will work hard to get the price, terms and conditions acceptable to you.

Offer Presentation

We will present your purchase offers timely and directly in person to the seller, in the presence of the listing representative.


It takes countless hours of bi-directional communications, discussions and decision-making. This is the final stretch. We will monitor and inform you of the progress of the purchase agreement, including the negotiation of contingencies and conditions. We will guide and recommend you with the best options. This really helps you to manage the emotions.


We will accompany you on a thorough walk-through of the property, if permitted in the Conditions, before closing, and we will assist you in finding the solution for any challenges discovered.


Our services don't stop here. We will always be there to support you and your family, getting further with your new home. We are your liaison to get further support.


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